Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bias and context complicates the matter

Machines do things without a bias. They just do it.

Humans do things within a context under a bias. They can't do things for the sake of doing.

Can we teach machines to be biased?

Worry and thought

The only difference between worrying and thinking is that between a circle and a straight line.

Anusuya amma

The convulsing fat lady suffering from multiple organ failure was lying on the bed next to mine. So many medical apparatus kept working on her. The senior doctors always gave those extra pauses to her. And the junior ones always surrounded her because she was the source of live learning.

Every time the monitor raised alarm, the nurses kept her from sinking by slapping her delicately and waking her loudly. And she kept coming back to life from the dead. The fight between the will and the darkness was so clear. A very thin line separates life and death but your will and little outside help keeps you alive. The balancing act of Anusuya amma continued...


I always feel that we humans have a tendency to escape, laze and remain detached. It comes so naturally to us. But this centrifugal force is so destructive: if you indulge in this state of mind you don't exist!

Now what is the counter force? Nature has provided us with a tool which keeps you illusioned and smiling. You continue to believe that it is all real. And that tool is Desire. You taste it once in any form and you ask for more. It keeps you hooked to this thing called life. And the strongest of all the desires is sex!


Bottomline of Sankhya philosophy:

"Borrow and enjoy this materialistic world. Borrow more and indulge more in your enjoyments. After all you don't pay back the borrowed money once you are dead."

What does it mean? Does it promote one to become a materialistic person? No, actually the underlying message is "Be happy and don't cling to materials or anything because everything is mortal including the money, materials and you."