Sunday, November 12, 2006


Listening to myself could be so tough sometimes. The clutter and the noise of the outside world distracts me and then it causes the constipated inner voice...tch tch tch, you poor unkown inner soul. ;)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I watch myself bleeding.
It makes me go numb.
When it threatens to kill me, I will lick it to health.

I watch myself dancing in the rain.
It makes me go dumb.
When it threatens to keep me alive, I will set on fire.

The arm-chair never stops rocking.
The merry-go-round rolls on.
I go round and round...tireless.


A wonderful journey into honesty and romance of life. Nagesh is becoming better and better...

The boundary between vulgar and subtle could be so beautiful, I never knew!

A master-piece!

Thanks a lot for suggesting this movie (u know who)!


my u turn

The home down the U turn kept waiting for me. I forgot to take the U turn.
The thump of the bike and the rain in my eyes kept me going forever...