Wednesday, May 23, 2007

wow! what a music...

Last night during my regular aimless surfing exercise, I chanced upon a voice whom I had never heard of before!


Ahh, his soul sings and stirs your soul! A great performer...

And this praiseworthy guy has a great video and audio collection of this master:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gambling at Atlantic city

Last night I gambled at Atlantic city. Don't ask how much I lost but ask what I gained. ;)
I could understand their modus operandi well:

1. They have more machine controlled games than human controlled ones. The ratio is nearly 5:1. The reason is simple, machines don't commit mistakes unknowingly.

2. The algorithm they have implemented on those machines is very simple:
For example, if you start to play with one of those machines with $20 then you will loose and win within the credit of $15 - $20 for some 4-5 cycles. 3-4 times it will let you gain your credit beyond $20 by a small amount of $1.5 to $2.
Then you start loose gradually: no shocks, no drastic losses but couple of drastic wins! Soon you will find yourself playing in the credit range of $10-$15. You stay here for 4-5 cycles, then you move down to the credit range of $5-$10.
Expect one instance of sudden win in the credit range of $15-$17 at this point of time!
But thats it. You will be smoothly brought down in the credit range of $1-$5 and soon you will be out!

Of course once in a while you will find some old lady in her wheelchair shouting and celebrating her $500 win! But who knows whether she gets a regular pay check from the gambling host or not!

The hopes are always high and spirits challenged. Revenge and desperation brings you back to the gambling again and again!

Long live the mathematics of probability and long live the curious and adventurous human minds!

annotations' usage

Instead of passing the hard-coded value to an annotated element, why not pass a configuration file (could be XML) path to the annotation handler?

This extra indirection uses the best of annotations and externally controlled configuration concepts and you can really have highly flexible and testable systems.

This approach could also help us in developing Domain Specific languages and evolving systems.

master-piece by qatil shifai, composed by naushad and rendered by mehndi hassan

zindagi mein to sabhi pyaar kiyaa karte hain
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

tu milaa hai to ye aehsaas huaa hai mujhko
ye meri umr muhabbat ke liye thhodi hai
ik zaraa sa gham-e-daura ka haq hai jis par
maine woh saans bhi tere liye rakh chhodi hai
tujhpe ho jaaunga qurban tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

apne jazbaat me naghmat rachaane ke liye
maine dhadkan ki tarah dil me basaayaa hai tujhe
main tasavvur bhi judai ka bhalaa kaise karoon
maine qismat ki lakiron se churaayaa hai tujhe
pyaar kaa banke nigahbaan tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

teri har chaap se jalte hain khayaalon me chiraag
jab bhi tu aaye, jagaataa huaa jaadu aaye
tujhko chhoo loon to fir ae jaan-e-tamannaa mujhko
der tak apne badan se teri khooshboo aaye
tu bahaaro ka hai gulfaam tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar meri jaan tujhe chaahunga

zindagi mein to sabhi pyaar kiyaa karte hain
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fruits of actions

Humans grab the sweet results of their actions and leave the rest for poor devil to be blamed for.
Poor evil, i pity you...


Each sane human mind gets this urge to leave a legacy behind:
1. Regular minds sexually reproduce to achieve that.
2. Extra-ordinary minds like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa search for worthy students like Swami Vivekanand to carry on their legacy.

A strong desire to leave your footprints? :)

culural museum

I found a Jewish history/culture museum in NYC but I didn't find a museum dedicated to Negro's history or culture!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

talk talk talk

Science and Indian philosophy

If you read this and so many other links, you will realize how the old Indian scriptures open doors to a pile of (already realized) knowledge that remains unexplored. Due to the restricted access to Sanskrit language, these mines remain undiscovered. One of the reasons of this anonymity could be the hype which surrounds Sanskrit language and people assume that it is beyond their reach.

Any modern mind believes in modular and re-usable knowledge pieces. Then why do we ignore these scriptures so much? Why are we wasting our time re-inventing wheel? Why are we all pretending to be blinds?

Politics? West's inferiority complex? White man's burden? Ignorant minds? Possessive Indian social structure?

let me see...

Friday, May 11, 2007

New York city

Oh I don't care for you, your existence and your remarks. By the way, how do I look in this new transparent frock; And did you notice that I am not wearing any undergarments too?

That's New York city!

The old lady's fall

The other day during my walk around Central Park, New York city, I saw an old lady tripping and falling down. People hurried to her but none stretched their arms for her. Instead she was left by herself to rise. Of course they supported her to get up by pushing a perambulator close to her. But nobody touched her directly. Very amusing...

She rose and grinned at the world. People smiled and they moved on as if they were the ever ticking arms of a clock. I reached the old lady and looked at her wrinkled face: she had a very well made up face but all hollow and lonely eyes. I asked if she needed some assistance to reach her destination and she politely turned down my offer. How could she ask for help, after all she rose all by herself! I asked her if she was fine and she responded with a "I hope so"!

She wanted a help but she was not supposed to ask for one! God save this culture!

America's pretty ladies

Swami Vivekananda mentioned to his friend how he found American ladies very pretty, very independent and very brave!

I agree with him.

I forgot to exist because I dont know

In the black darkness of night, I hugged you and the red boiling blood in my heart spilled.
Your tears became mine because I cried for you, because our pains were alike.
We smiled as we kissed and who knows who smiled, you or myself?

I lost time and inertia in the union of our love. It was just bliss and nothing else.

I forgot everything because I stopped to know and understand things.

I don't know and I don't know and thus I am standing still in time and cease to move, I am the Eternal!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Right to fart!

Last night I laughed my lungs out:

I was watching Russel Peters online with my headphone on. My dignified roommate thought it was a great opportunity to fart in a harmonic sequence without getting unembarrassed. But poor guy, he didn't know that my headphone had suddenly stopped working!

I laughed all the way and he dared more without getting "watched"...