Tuesday, March 06, 2007

mirrors all over

I stand in the world of mirrors,
mirrors all over, all the time.

I laugh with the mirrors, I cry with the mirrors.
I get angry with the mirrors, I be kind to the mirrors.
I fool the mirrors, I laugh at myself in the mirrors.
I kill the mirrors, I save the mirrors.
I love the mirrors, I hate the mirrors.
I take birth in the mirrors, I die in the mirrors.
I was in the mirrors, I am in the mirrors and I will remain in the mirrors.

It is all about the mirrors, or is it all about myself?

is selfishness a virtue?

Selfishness is based on a very strong power of discriminating self with the whole world. I always think in terms of me and distinguish myself from others and I am called selfish. Out of selfishness I always try to benefit myself and don't care about others.

Now imagine that I really discipline myself in attaining more selfishness. I become so selfish that I just indulge in myself and forget everything. The more selfish I become the more I forget others. A time would come when I loose that discriminating power just because it is all about me. I see myself everywhere, everything would be me and I would be everything!

Is it possible that there comes a time when it is all me and nothing else? Isn't it the ultimate realization as per non-dualistic Vedanta?

Saturday, March 03, 2007



I laughed my lungs out!

Reinventing the wheel

I saw Shekhar Kapur's interview on NDTV and came to know about his website. His expressions sounded interesting so visited his site/blogs to discover an interesting fact...His and my thoughts/observations sounded alike! For example his following idea has been opening up to me for quite some time too:

The realisations are like reinventing the wheel because they can't be spoon fed to me. Swami Vivekanand said: Sooner or later we all are bound to realise the final One.

With little effort and contemplation we all start realising the "same" ideas! We all are the same...

Emotions and others

Emotions, thoughts and actions. They are all mine. I emote because thats happening all inside me and I chose to pick the source of those emotions and its all mine. I think because I choose to do so because it is all inside me. I act because I emote and think and they lead to actions.

They are all mine. I select or reject because they are all mine.

Duo or One

Modern science has proven that the world that we perceive is just a reflection of the chemical reactions happening inside us. If those reactions were not there then this world wouldn't have existed.

So which is real the One inside or the One outside? Are they two, inside and outside. Or is it just One all One which is the world inside us?