Monday, December 31, 2007

The genius of S. D. Burman

i always wondered why Burman-da presented these songs in a sequence without any pause in the movie, Guide: "Saiyan be-iman" and "Kya se kya ho gayaa". they always sounded so different to me and odd too!
last night i was watching Guide again and naturally started humming these two songs. suddenly something flashed and i realised that both these songs are based on the same raaga!!! after some google search i found that it is raaga - Jhinjhoti!
i imagined him demonstrating to his students: how to make songs sound totally apart even though their source is same!
just brilliant!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

watching numbers under operators' spell

How a Multiplier affects positive and negative numbers:
Let us say we have these two numbers, -4 and +4,
Now multiply these two numbers with 10 resulting into:
They seem to be running to the two extremes away from the Origin zero. The same can be seen even if the multiplier is a negative number: the results still like to keep away from the zero but they do cross the zero for a while...

And how does a Divider affect them? For example, 10 as a divider results into:
They seem to like the zero but can never reach it. Again if the divider is a negative number they cross the zero but still love to linger around it...

Addition and subtraction are very boring behaviors, they induce monotonous one sided movements always remaining equidistant...

Of course the striking relationship between a multiplier and a divider is worth watching for a while (10 and 1/10). There is something very curious about the number range (-1, +1). They seem to transform the nature of a operand a bit too dramatically...

it is really fun to watch these numbers jumping around...

beggars and sales

beggars are very efficient face readers, they might excel in the sales...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

who ate my pie?

my indian offshore employers gave me back apprx 14% of what they earned due to me.
my american (onsite) employers gave me back apprx 28% of what they earned due to me.

in total, my indian and american employers have returned to me apprx 17% of what they earned due to me.

when am i launching my offshore software company? ;)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

growth of a democratic organisation

When a democratic organisation wants to grow in headcount there is always a chance that it won't remain democratic anymore.
The ratio of decision makers to decision followers is going to drop drastically. A simple arithmetic would tell you that it is not going to be a democratic system anymore.
The driving forces which were making clear decisions based on the direct feedbacks from the sensory organs, would start relying on statistics and second hand feedbacks.
A group of close circle ministers might start cropping up and the nervous leader(s) might suddenly start listening to all sorts of gossips. The same gossips which were mere entertainments earlier would become instrumental in decision making. The jokes wont remain jokes any more. After all you have got to be very careful while running a growing organisation!

helping others

recently i got an opportunity to watch a group of kind people discussing the ways they can help the third world countries. obviously the discussion was going on in the usa.

things were going nice till i realized their objective:
they were helping the third world countries and developing countries with their donations because it made them feel good about it!

that was an eye opener because till now i assumed that people help others out of an understanding of the pain...

just one hindi proverb popped in my mind: "neki karr dariyaa me daal". It means "do good and forget about it (move on)".

Sunday, November 25, 2007

so you are there...

destroy the mosque, destroy the temple.
but don't destroy anybody's heart, for God dwells in the heart!

--Bulle Shah

Saturday, November 24, 2007

am i alone?

who says i m alone? my memories, my pain and i m still with myself!

Friday, November 23, 2007

the world whirling around me

first state:
i stand on the axis of a whirling world around me. i watch it racing around me. i am in awe and it all seems mysterious and i feel lost.

second state:
i go along with the world, round and round. time, space and others all are moving along with me. of course, i m in it not outside. they dont seem to be mysterious to me anymore, they are just another stuff. i m not in awe and lost because i know what they are.

the first state always seems to be going out of control. the second one is all about awareness.

the awareness of "It", the awareness of "It" keeps me going with "It". i m with myself.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

the storms and afterwards

when the storms arrive i run for the shelter.
i never remain back there to face them.

the storms always subside, they never remain there forever.

i must face them one by one and watch them going through me,
because i want to see how they end.

what would happen at the final end of all the storms?


Monday, October 22, 2007

both ways

the lump in the throat, it gets undone bothways: laughter and tears...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

god save the software industry

Oracle is on yet another predator's prowl...

anyway, j2ee is dying so Oracle is trying to cremate it with due respect!


Monday, October 08, 2007

let it go

Let it go,
close your eyes and let it go.
Like the boats of paper that you made in your childhood,
and let it go.

The stream would take you to all the corners of the banks,
the brown and wet earthly soil,
and the rich lush and lively green grasses by the banks.

Let it go.

The colors of stream would change,
blue, green and dirty yellow.
Let some drops in but sail along.

Let it go.

Some birds would dart at you,
some would try to rest on you, poor tired and desperate ones.
Let them live on you.

Let it go.

When you reach the shallow sea,
you won't have enough depth to float.
Just sink in the sands and drown
and let it go.

lovely words of parting

abb ke hamm bichhde to shaayad kabhi khaabon milein,
jis taraah sukhe huye phool kitaabon milein.

-words by Kazamgujjar and sung by Mehndi Hassan

Sunday, September 23, 2007

few words from kaifi azmi

Milne ki khushi naa milne kaa ghum, khatm ye jhagde ho jaaye .
Tu tu naa rahe, main main naa rahu, Ik duje main kho jaaye.
Main bhi naa chhodu pal bhar daaman, Tu bhi pal bhar ruthe na.

I just loved the way the desire of union is expressed here...


Thursday, September 13, 2007

i killed Archimedes!

imagine the plight of the roman soldier after realizing later that he had killed Archimedes!

Monday, September 10, 2007

destruction is imminent

destruction doesn't come from outside, it is seeded within the concept of construction.

after all, how can a thing be destroyed if at all it doesn't exist?

there is so much nuclear weapon on earth that it can cause enormous destruction (worth whole of second world war) per second. And this show can go on for at least four hours!

We the humans have really achieved a lot, it is time to destroy ourselves!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


tu roj royaa kare uthh ke chaand-raaton me
khudaa kare teraa mere bagair jee naa lage.

-nusrat fateh ali khan

Saturday, September 08, 2007

vibrations and particles

the waves need a medium to send its information. particles just travel even without a medium.

we on earth are just trying to capture the signals generated owing to the particles from the outer space. the information generated due to the waves get lost within the medium blanket surrounding the source. those poor waves can't move in the empty medium-less space.

does it mean that to really capture all the aspects of the information we or our machines should be physically present within the medium blanket of all the celestial bodies of this universe? sounds like a daunting task, better be satisfied with those electromagnetic bits. ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


imagine a world which is all chaotic, there is no regularity, no pattern, no periodicity.

can science function in this world? can human minds understand the chaos?

Monday, September 03, 2007

our brains and its perceptions

was watching Carl Sagan's wonderful presentation here:

science is helping him out to explore the world beyond our earth. but how can we explore things which we don't perceive and appreciate?
science is human mind's child. it speaks what we ask it. how can it tell us things which we can't understand?
we need a big brother of humans who can explain things to us and debate with us about things which we might not even imagine!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the forces of life

whenever i see a new born baby feeding, i appreciate the forces of life:

the sense of survival and a desire to live!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

time, are u there?

what if there was no past or future? what if i was never introduced to clocks? what if my language didn't support past or future tenses? can i survive without time?

the perception of time is quite paradoxical:
the sense of time develops due to the observation of periodic events: the circular/rotational behavior of all these planets and satellites (they induce the perception of seasons, days, nights).
now let me get away from this earth and this solar system and this periodicity. let me just travel down the universe, from this part to the other extreme part. there is no periodic behavior involved in this linear travel in space. now what? does time cease to exist?

interesting! they say it all started with the big bang, the universe keeps expanding, it expands in space. does it expand in time too? if it was a big bang then it is all linear, so there is no time!
but hold it! if it is all linear then there can't be an event called big bang, because events happen because there is this time. :)

let me jump deeper now:
is it space or is it time? are they different? :)
i perceive space because i appreciate time! And I perceive time because i appreciate space! wow!

let me strain my mind little more:
imagine i am there in a dark room, a pitch dark room or may be in a bright room, a room lit with the same intensity of light forever. there is no sound or it is always noisy forever. there is no smell or it is always smelling like rose. there is this same temperature throughout. of course, this room doesn't have walls, it is endless. i take birth in this room, i open my eyes in this room of infinite, even characteristics. now in this scenario, can i perceive space or time? NO! they together exist or they don't! :)

humor and understanding

when i understand it all, it become humorous!

i appreciate the humor only if i understand the contrast, the irony, the complete picture of a thing...

the statics of humor is really funny! lol

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dual forces

A very simple analogy between circle (its circular motion) and our regular life :
Both exist due to dual forces...

Physics says that an object is in circular motion due to dual forces named Centripetal (one which pulls it inward towards the center) and Centrifugal (one which pulls it out, along the track).

Thinkers round the world never get tired of talking about dual forces of life. The couple's name change but they always appear as twins: Shiv and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Good and Bad, God and Satan, Happiness and Sorrow...

Somehow one can't exist without the other. :)


"The human mind is so convoluted that today it gets scared of things what it loved yesterday" - A saying from Bhutanese folk tale...

Monday, August 06, 2007

the states of mind

living within a frame yet a mind out of it is really an interesting state of mind, i am aware. when me and my mind are within a frame then time just flies away, i m involved.

both these states of mind have their own interesting tastes! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

Human relationships and my inner relationship with myself

The twain shall meet? I doubt they shall ever meet.

Each human is essentially a very creative world at its core. They create and they relish and drool over it. Creativity leads to self identity and that leads to all about me, me and me!

When two creative worlds try to meet they try to destroy each other, you see creativity leads to all about me and me. I have watched so many "harmonious" people very closely and soon they end up disturbing the harmony that they create with other "harmonious" people. Basically they can never live in harmony with other parallel worlds.

The only true harmony that people can live in is the harmony within. With little hard work I start living with myself. I build up that harmony with myself and take care that I don't relate it with anything outside. Anything outside me is temporary and that within me is permanent. I stop bothering about things within when I cease to exist. But, outer things bother me when they cease to exist. The conflicts are outside, peace is within me and I am a friend of myself.

aham brahmasmi!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


"tu kehta kaagaj ki lekhi, main kehta aankhon ki dekhi"

Documents give you an organisation, and this moment's experience and its truth give you chaos...

Dharm (2007)

Today I watched a movie, Dharm. Pankaj Kapoor delivers yet another.

The concept is great. Irony, an important part of every drama is set in a perfect way: a staunch brahmin brings up a baby which turns out to have taken birth from a muslim woman's womb!

There are few questions which are fuming in my mind: is religion a politician's creation or is it a personal romantic fever which gets shaped well with like minded romantics?

One thing is sure, there are two types of religions: one which is organisational at its heart and another which is a very personal quest. Somehow both end up spreading to the masses and the great show of freaks erupt!

I feel like both crying and laughing (for these religions of the world) ...

Friday, June 22, 2007

i will remember all

some day when i will remember all, i will cease to exist...

Don't bake me

Please don't bake me, just let me go on and on - on the potter's wheel, changing shapes and rolling on.
If I dry up just keep moistening me up and let me go on and on.
If I break down, dough me up and shape me back on the wheel, on and on.
When you get bored of the shapes, dump me.
Some day another potter will shape me on, on and on.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the dynamics of settling down

each excited electron wants to settle down in the most peaceful home (least energy band). each thing that moves wants to come to a halt. why is this world inherently so lazy?

but there are these nomads; they keep unsettling themselves and there is this astro world where they just keep rotating or revolving around bigger cousins. are they really not settled? yes they are settled too: they just do something which they do effortlessly and thats settling down!

now if i also want to settle down then there should not be anything wrong, isn't it. ;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

what nonsense?

don't you sometimes feel that you are just involved in all useless things in life? all this passions, interests, love, friendship...etc etc are all nonsense and a sheer wastage of time?


have fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

wow! what a music...

Last night during my regular aimless surfing exercise, I chanced upon a voice whom I had never heard of before!


Ahh, his soul sings and stirs your soul! A great performer...

And this praiseworthy guy has a great video and audio collection of this master:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gambling at Atlantic city

Last night I gambled at Atlantic city. Don't ask how much I lost but ask what I gained. ;)
I could understand their modus operandi well:

1. They have more machine controlled games than human controlled ones. The ratio is nearly 5:1. The reason is simple, machines don't commit mistakes unknowingly.

2. The algorithm they have implemented on those machines is very simple:
For example, if you start to play with one of those machines with $20 then you will loose and win within the credit of $15 - $20 for some 4-5 cycles. 3-4 times it will let you gain your credit beyond $20 by a small amount of $1.5 to $2.
Then you start loose gradually: no shocks, no drastic losses but couple of drastic wins! Soon you will find yourself playing in the credit range of $10-$15. You stay here for 4-5 cycles, then you move down to the credit range of $5-$10.
Expect one instance of sudden win in the credit range of $15-$17 at this point of time!
But thats it. You will be smoothly brought down in the credit range of $1-$5 and soon you will be out!

Of course once in a while you will find some old lady in her wheelchair shouting and celebrating her $500 win! But who knows whether she gets a regular pay check from the gambling host or not!

The hopes are always high and spirits challenged. Revenge and desperation brings you back to the gambling again and again!

Long live the mathematics of probability and long live the curious and adventurous human minds!

annotations' usage

Instead of passing the hard-coded value to an annotated element, why not pass a configuration file (could be XML) path to the annotation handler?

This extra indirection uses the best of annotations and externally controlled configuration concepts and you can really have highly flexible and testable systems.

This approach could also help us in developing Domain Specific languages and evolving systems.

master-piece by qatil shifai, composed by naushad and rendered by mehndi hassan

zindagi mein to sabhi pyaar kiyaa karte hain
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

tu milaa hai to ye aehsaas huaa hai mujhko
ye meri umr muhabbat ke liye thhodi hai
ik zaraa sa gham-e-daura ka haq hai jis par
maine woh saans bhi tere liye rakh chhodi hai
tujhpe ho jaaunga qurban tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

apne jazbaat me naghmat rachaane ke liye
maine dhadkan ki tarah dil me basaayaa hai tujhe
main tasavvur bhi judai ka bhalaa kaise karoon
maine qismat ki lakiron se churaayaa hai tujhe
pyaar kaa banke nigahbaan tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

teri har chaap se jalte hain khayaalon me chiraag
jab bhi tu aaye, jagaataa huaa jaadu aaye
tujhko chhoo loon to fir ae jaan-e-tamannaa mujhko
der tak apne badan se teri khooshboo aaye
tu bahaaro ka hai gulfaam tujhe chaahungaa
main to marr kar meri jaan tujhe chaahunga

zindagi mein to sabhi pyaar kiyaa karte hain
main to marr kar bhi meri jaan tujhe chaahungaa

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fruits of actions

Humans grab the sweet results of their actions and leave the rest for poor devil to be blamed for.
Poor evil, i pity you...


Each sane human mind gets this urge to leave a legacy behind:
1. Regular minds sexually reproduce to achieve that.
2. Extra-ordinary minds like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa search for worthy students like Swami Vivekanand to carry on their legacy.

A strong desire to leave your footprints? :)

culural museum

I found a Jewish history/culture museum in NYC but I didn't find a museum dedicated to Negro's history or culture!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

talk talk talk

Science and Indian philosophy

If you read this and so many other links, you will realize how the old Indian scriptures open doors to a pile of (already realized) knowledge that remains unexplored. Due to the restricted access to Sanskrit language, these mines remain undiscovered. One of the reasons of this anonymity could be the hype which surrounds Sanskrit language and people assume that it is beyond their reach.

Any modern mind believes in modular and re-usable knowledge pieces. Then why do we ignore these scriptures so much? Why are we wasting our time re-inventing wheel? Why are we all pretending to be blinds?

Politics? West's inferiority complex? White man's burden? Ignorant minds? Possessive Indian social structure?

let me see...

Friday, May 11, 2007

New York city

Oh I don't care for you, your existence and your remarks. By the way, how do I look in this new transparent frock; And did you notice that I am not wearing any undergarments too?

That's New York city!

The old lady's fall

The other day during my walk around Central Park, New York city, I saw an old lady tripping and falling down. People hurried to her but none stretched their arms for her. Instead she was left by herself to rise. Of course they supported her to get up by pushing a perambulator close to her. But nobody touched her directly. Very amusing...

She rose and grinned at the world. People smiled and they moved on as if they were the ever ticking arms of a clock. I reached the old lady and looked at her wrinkled face: she had a very well made up face but all hollow and lonely eyes. I asked if she needed some assistance to reach her destination and she politely turned down my offer. How could she ask for help, after all she rose all by herself! I asked her if she was fine and she responded with a "I hope so"!

She wanted a help but she was not supposed to ask for one! God save this culture!

America's pretty ladies

Swami Vivekananda mentioned to his friend how he found American ladies very pretty, very independent and very brave!

I agree with him.

I forgot to exist because I dont know

In the black darkness of night, I hugged you and the red boiling blood in my heart spilled.
Your tears became mine because I cried for you, because our pains were alike.
We smiled as we kissed and who knows who smiled, you or myself?

I lost time and inertia in the union of our love. It was just bliss and nothing else.

I forgot everything because I stopped to know and understand things.

I don't know and I don't know and thus I am standing still in time and cease to move, I am the Eternal!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Right to fart!

Last night I laughed my lungs out:

I was watching Russel Peters online with my headphone on. My dignified roommate thought it was a great opportunity to fart in a harmonic sequence without getting unembarrassed. But poor guy, he didn't know that my headphone had suddenly stopped working!

I laughed all the way and he dared more without getting "watched"...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007


I commute between my residence and work place through a tunnel. After doing so after some two weeks, I suddenly imagined how horrible it could become if the tunnel crashes! It made some water vapours precipitate on my forehead...

The noticeable thing here is that the fear didnt arise till I indulged in it's source!

I indulge, associate and relate with so many things around and generate millions of experiences. Thats the dynamics between a mind and the world, is it?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

washington dc, penn amish village, longwood gardens

light travels faster than sound: pictures first travelogue later... ;)

Sunday, April 01, 2007


moving your dwelling to some other place is a real great experience. the byproducts were really overwhelming:
1. loneliness
2. anchoring on others
3. desperation
4. feeling of uprooting

so many more...

it was/is a great experience...

Veda says "Neti Neti" (this is not the end, this is not the end)

let me see whats next inside me. :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

mirrors all over

I stand in the world of mirrors,
mirrors all over, all the time.

I laugh with the mirrors, I cry with the mirrors.
I get angry with the mirrors, I be kind to the mirrors.
I fool the mirrors, I laugh at myself in the mirrors.
I kill the mirrors, I save the mirrors.
I love the mirrors, I hate the mirrors.
I take birth in the mirrors, I die in the mirrors.
I was in the mirrors, I am in the mirrors and I will remain in the mirrors.

It is all about the mirrors, or is it all about myself?

is selfishness a virtue?

Selfishness is based on a very strong power of discriminating self with the whole world. I always think in terms of me and distinguish myself from others and I am called selfish. Out of selfishness I always try to benefit myself and don't care about others.

Now imagine that I really discipline myself in attaining more selfishness. I become so selfish that I just indulge in myself and forget everything. The more selfish I become the more I forget others. A time would come when I loose that discriminating power just because it is all about me. I see myself everywhere, everything would be me and I would be everything!

Is it possible that there comes a time when it is all me and nothing else? Isn't it the ultimate realization as per non-dualistic Vedanta?

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I laughed my lungs out!

Reinventing the wheel

I saw Shekhar Kapur's interview on NDTV and came to know about his website. His expressions sounded interesting so visited his site/blogs to discover an interesting fact...His and my thoughts/observations sounded alike! For example his following idea has been opening up to me for quite some time too:

The realisations are like reinventing the wheel because they can't be spoon fed to me. Swami Vivekanand said: Sooner or later we all are bound to realise the final One.

With little effort and contemplation we all start realising the "same" ideas! We all are the same...

Emotions and others

Emotions, thoughts and actions. They are all mine. I emote because thats happening all inside me and I chose to pick the source of those emotions and its all mine. I think because I choose to do so because it is all inside me. I act because I emote and think and they lead to actions.

They are all mine. I select or reject because they are all mine.

Duo or One

Modern science has proven that the world that we perceive is just a reflection of the chemical reactions happening inside us. If those reactions were not there then this world wouldn't have existed.

So which is real the One inside or the One outside? Are they two, inside and outside. Or is it just One all One which is the world inside us?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

want to feel that abstract?

Mandukya Upanishad is the smallest and most complex of all the Upanishads. There are just 12 Shlokas which attempt to explain the infinite One, the abstract One!

Mandukya discusses A-U-M(not the sound) to understand the anatomy and physiology of mind.

Want to get a glimpse of that Abstract? Anyone can feel That using AUM as a sound. :)

Here goes a simple exercise to feel That:
Pre-requisite: You should not be a deaf (I guess).

1. Get away from distractions (mainly audio ones). If you have that will and control then you can choose to be on MG Road or Airport road also.

2. Become aware of your surroundings: the babes and hunks (read boobs and dicks), the eternal motor noise, the temperature of your cheeks...etc etc. This is a simple exercise to calm you down.

3. Now once you have calmed down, realise that you have calmed down. Go to step 2 if you haven't really calmed down (Developers, please excuse me for the evil usage of GOTO).

4. Closing of your eyes might be helpful.

5. Now inhale and say A(A as in Upper) and "feel" that A is vibraing and sourcing from your navel.

6. Without any discontinuity convert that A sound into U(U as in Oomph) and raise your focus to your heart.

7. Without any discontinuity convert that U sound into M(M as in the bumble bee's humm) and raise your focus to your highest point(top of your head).

NOTE: All these sounds are being generated within a lungful of inhaled breath. Naturally while you sound you will exhale. Just go slow. Be there for that extra second at each stage of moving upward.

8. Be at M till your breath thins out. Let it thin away gradually (no digital leap please). Hold your focus at the top point of your head. Just be there and as soon as your M fades you will feel a Silence, a Silence different from the normal regular silence. It wont last long but you will clearly feel That in that Abstract Silence.

Thats just a glimpse. Imagine dwelling in that Silence for long (well... time doesnt exist in that Silence but still my language is just trying to express the unexpressable)!


the infinite radio

There is so much information in the air. What I need is a radio.

Mind is like a radio which can be tuned to listen to that infinite span of information selectively. The infinite range of information was always there and will remain there for ever. What I need is just a tuned mind.

Sincerity(discipline and honesty) is the only thing which I need to tune the mind "at my will". I should be able to tune it to anything I "wish" for.

The problem with this radio is that it's Capacitor(experience), Inductor(intertial unawareness) and Resistor(sensory organs) are always fluctuating.

But there is no hurry and impatience, I am "bound" to control this tuning sooner or later, says Vedanta!

Smiles, calmness and blissful smiles! :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

the journey

The road to everywhere begins with an inward solitary journey...

Friday, February 16, 2007


Light is sensed by eyes.
Sound is sensed by ears.
Smell is sensed by nose.
Touch is sensed by skin.
Time is sensed by mind.
Wise people say that there is an Abstract Absolute which can be "felt" too!
But how? Eyes, ears, nose, skin and mind fail there.
They say that I should switch off all these sense organs and I will "sense" That!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

my millions of children

i m standing at one end of a huge never-ending hall.
this huge hall is full of my children, my creations.
they are children so they all are trying to drag the attention.
they all are trying to drag my attention because i am their creator.

i am creating millions of them everyday because thats my nature.
i am creating millions of faces of my ego everyday and paying attention to them because thats my nature.

i have to cross this huge hall and reach the other end.
how should i achieve that?

by first not paying attention to the acts of my millions of children.
when i don't pay attention to them, with time i loose my nature.
eventually, i even stop generating my children.

actually if i loose my nature then i can sail through the hall effortlessly.

am i right?

the never ending path of life

i walk on a rope hanging in the void of truth.
the source end of this rope is the force of creation.
and the other end is nowhere.

when i walk ahead i generate another yard of the rope under my feet.
so i never stop, i keep walking forever.

why don't i gather courage and stop generating those extra yards and just fall off?
after all i will fall in the lap of truth, the ultimate abstract everything.

the spider and its cobweb

imagine a spider which gets caught in its own cobweb: thats me the foolish one.

a wise one would be a spider, which due to the physical laws is bound to create cobwebs, but never gets trapped in them.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

yet another contrast (contrast is truth)

Namdroling Monastery, Kushalnagar.

Buddha with a begging bowl.

But why did they made your idol out of gold?

Are you happy or sad about it?


you and me

Heights, valleys, eucalyptus and bamboo mild forests.

Green smells and yellow views.

Snake like ways, bright and innocent smiles.

Snailing clocks and reverberating Buddhist Gongs.

Your grand creations make my creations feel so small.

I want to feel insignificant again and again, it's peaceful!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


my pyre is burning, it must rain now! it is getting hot very hot...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

which way?

This way should I go or that way?
Keep my eyes open or shut them forever?
Speak forever or just smile deep within?
Leave the home or indulge in it?

I am past or present (I never saw the future anyway)?
I am here or I am there or everywhere?
I am evil or the good one?
This side of the coin or that?
I am confused or things are sorted out?

I am nothing yet I am everything.
I stand still in time because there is no time.
The snake of eternity eats her tail and she grows on as if she never started or ended.
I am in a space which is infinite from within and zero from outside.

wake up, you (whatever is your name) and go to sleep now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

subject or object?

What renders the fact better? Object or Subject?

Take any object and you will have a variety of explanations of it based on the viewer's (subject) perspective. The simplest illustration would be "the elephant and the blind men" story.

In OOPS, the designer focusses on the Object and represents the same entity as a set of Interfaces. A complex Object can be represented as a set of simpler Interfaces. But the important point here is that Interfaces are attached to the Object. The Subject sees a complex Object through these simple Interfaces.

Is it the correct way to see the facts represented by the Object?

Now what if the Subject chooses the way it wants to see the Object as? In reality this is how we see the world. The Subject (we) sees an Object the way it wants. How easy is it to design the problem in this new Perspective? (Is AOP already a step towards this approach?)

But there is an inherent weakness in this new approach ( I have named it Perspective Oriented paradigm). We, the humans, can't think in multi-dimensions. OOPS was invented to suit this humans' limitation because OOPS is nothing but a "divide and solve" technique. In that case, can we develop the new Perspective Oriented approach so that machine could design solutions instead of we humans?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

primitive instincts

Animals display these distinct instincts which keep them going:
1. Territorial instincts
2. Selfish survival instincts
3. Social survival instincts
4. Sexual instincts

Being overpowered by these instincts, the animals cant control their behavior.
But humans have a fifth instinct of analysis and derivation. This instinct is very powerful and versatile! It can easily mask the other four instincts also displayed by humans.

Now I seriously doubt Darwin and Lamarck! What was so special about early humans and their living conditions that the other species could not get even a trace of this fifth instinct?

Monday, January 08, 2007

shaken, suprised and back to life!

bored and lost people...
what should i do to bring them back to life?

a simple solution could be to slap them, shake them with surprises...any sharp impulse works!

it really works!

passion and illusion are so important, they keep us alive!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

responding to harsh words in office environment

me and my colleagues were discussing the ways to respond to harsh and rude words pointed at you in the office setup.

1. some believed that you should respond in the same tone and let the offender face the reality.
2. some believed that you should not react and just ignore the subjective remarks and stick to the main issue or object of debate. such people tend to respond to the subjective remarks later in a more appropriate situation.
3. some believed that you should respond immediately by adding some humour to your response. but never the less let the offender know that you didnt get affected by his/her remarks.

all of us agreed that we should keep such reactions highly localised and not let out the anger later to the wrong person.

we also agreed that the way we respond is also highly dependent on our nature. but i feel that even if i am a short-tempered guy I should NOT react in the same manner or tone. diffusing it tactfully would be a better and more mature way of dealing with such morons.


forgiveness is a very powerful destressing act. it leads to "let it go" state of mind. it gets you out of the never ending cycle of actions and reactions and a stressed mind.

it sets you "free" by grossly violating evil Netwton's third law! ;)