Monday, December 31, 2007

The genius of S. D. Burman

i always wondered why Burman-da presented these songs in a sequence without any pause in the movie, Guide: "Saiyan be-iman" and "Kya se kya ho gayaa". they always sounded so different to me and odd too!
last night i was watching Guide again and naturally started humming these two songs. suddenly something flashed and i realised that both these songs are based on the same raaga!!! after some google search i found that it is raaga - Jhinjhoti!
i imagined him demonstrating to his students: how to make songs sound totally apart even though their source is same!
just brilliant!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

watching numbers under operators' spell

How a Multiplier affects positive and negative numbers:
Let us say we have these two numbers, -4 and +4,
Now multiply these two numbers with 10 resulting into:
They seem to be running to the two extremes away from the Origin zero. The same can be seen even if the multiplier is a negative number: the results still like to keep away from the zero but they do cross the zero for a while...

And how does a Divider affect them? For example, 10 as a divider results into:
They seem to like the zero but can never reach it. Again if the divider is a negative number they cross the zero but still love to linger around it...

Addition and subtraction are very boring behaviors, they induce monotonous one sided movements always remaining equidistant...

Of course the striking relationship between a multiplier and a divider is worth watching for a while (10 and 1/10). There is something very curious about the number range (-1, +1). They seem to transform the nature of a operand a bit too dramatically...

it is really fun to watch these numbers jumping around...

beggars and sales

beggars are very efficient face readers, they might excel in the sales...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

who ate my pie?

my indian offshore employers gave me back apprx 14% of what they earned due to me.
my american (onsite) employers gave me back apprx 28% of what they earned due to me.

in total, my indian and american employers have returned to me apprx 17% of what they earned due to me.

when am i launching my offshore software company? ;)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

growth of a democratic organisation

When a democratic organisation wants to grow in headcount there is always a chance that it won't remain democratic anymore.
The ratio of decision makers to decision followers is going to drop drastically. A simple arithmetic would tell you that it is not going to be a democratic system anymore.
The driving forces which were making clear decisions based on the direct feedbacks from the sensory organs, would start relying on statistics and second hand feedbacks.
A group of close circle ministers might start cropping up and the nervous leader(s) might suddenly start listening to all sorts of gossips. The same gossips which were mere entertainments earlier would become instrumental in decision making. The jokes wont remain jokes any more. After all you have got to be very careful while running a growing organisation!

helping others

recently i got an opportunity to watch a group of kind people discussing the ways they can help the third world countries. obviously the discussion was going on in the usa.

things were going nice till i realized their objective:
they were helping the third world countries and developing countries with their donations because it made them feel good about it!

that was an eye opener because till now i assumed that people help others out of an understanding of the pain...

just one hindi proverb popped in my mind: "neki karr dariyaa me daal". It means "do good and forget about it (move on)".