Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i had cremated my ashes long ago.
the river of time had swallowed them,
and i was lost forever.

then your eyes blinked.
the edge of your smile fell on
and all stopped.
the currents froze,
gave up the dead.
the ashes soared.

blood, the red blood swells.
sweat drips.
heart races.
fingers grope.
musk squirms.
night ferments.
day dazes.

fist squeezes.
eyes shut in silent prayers.
knees surrender.

you rise and my world dances and rolls on.
i don't want to die again.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

and then it follows

few people are made for each other. they meet and the long pending jigsaw puzzle is solved. clarity shines and hearts sway to each others tunes. the world starts to roll again...

Monday, September 01, 2008


worth watching!!!

the last 15 minutes translate the movie to a different level (or may be a depth), a true classic!

Moliere Movie

in love

i mistook the mirror for my lover and kissed it. i was in love.

please pull them out

please pull those earplugs out.

it is all here, waiting to be heard,
the rumbling ocean,
the calling sea gulls,
the whistling breeze,
the swaying leaves,
the revolving earth,
the scorching sun,
the gliding stars,
the beating heart,
the smiling kids,
and the silence within...