Sunday, January 28, 2007

yet another contrast (contrast is truth)

Namdroling Monastery, Kushalnagar.

Buddha with a begging bowl.

But why did they made your idol out of gold?

Are you happy or sad about it?


you and me

Heights, valleys, eucalyptus and bamboo mild forests.

Green smells and yellow views.

Snake like ways, bright and innocent smiles.

Snailing clocks and reverberating Buddhist Gongs.

Your grand creations make my creations feel so small.

I want to feel insignificant again and again, it's peaceful!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


my pyre is burning, it must rain now! it is getting hot very hot...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

which way?

This way should I go or that way?
Keep my eyes open or shut them forever?
Speak forever or just smile deep within?
Leave the home or indulge in it?

I am past or present (I never saw the future anyway)?
I am here or I am there or everywhere?
I am evil or the good one?
This side of the coin or that?
I am confused or things are sorted out?

I am nothing yet I am everything.
I stand still in time because there is no time.
The snake of eternity eats her tail and she grows on as if she never started or ended.
I am in a space which is infinite from within and zero from outside.

wake up, you (whatever is your name) and go to sleep now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

subject or object?

What renders the fact better? Object or Subject?

Take any object and you will have a variety of explanations of it based on the viewer's (subject) perspective. The simplest illustration would be "the elephant and the blind men" story.

In OOPS, the designer focusses on the Object and represents the same entity as a set of Interfaces. A complex Object can be represented as a set of simpler Interfaces. But the important point here is that Interfaces are attached to the Object. The Subject sees a complex Object through these simple Interfaces.

Is it the correct way to see the facts represented by the Object?

Now what if the Subject chooses the way it wants to see the Object as? In reality this is how we see the world. The Subject (we) sees an Object the way it wants. How easy is it to design the problem in this new Perspective? (Is AOP already a step towards this approach?)

But there is an inherent weakness in this new approach ( I have named it Perspective Oriented paradigm). We, the humans, can't think in multi-dimensions. OOPS was invented to suit this humans' limitation because OOPS is nothing but a "divide and solve" technique. In that case, can we develop the new Perspective Oriented approach so that machine could design solutions instead of we humans?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

primitive instincts

Animals display these distinct instincts which keep them going:
1. Territorial instincts
2. Selfish survival instincts
3. Social survival instincts
4. Sexual instincts

Being overpowered by these instincts, the animals cant control their behavior.
But humans have a fifth instinct of analysis and derivation. This instinct is very powerful and versatile! It can easily mask the other four instincts also displayed by humans.

Now I seriously doubt Darwin and Lamarck! What was so special about early humans and their living conditions that the other species could not get even a trace of this fifth instinct?

Monday, January 08, 2007

shaken, suprised and back to life!

bored and lost people...
what should i do to bring them back to life?

a simple solution could be to slap them, shake them with surprises...any sharp impulse works!

it really works!

passion and illusion are so important, they keep us alive!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

responding to harsh words in office environment

me and my colleagues were discussing the ways to respond to harsh and rude words pointed at you in the office setup.

1. some believed that you should respond in the same tone and let the offender face the reality.
2. some believed that you should not react and just ignore the subjective remarks and stick to the main issue or object of debate. such people tend to respond to the subjective remarks later in a more appropriate situation.
3. some believed that you should respond immediately by adding some humour to your response. but never the less let the offender know that you didnt get affected by his/her remarks.

all of us agreed that we should keep such reactions highly localised and not let out the anger later to the wrong person.

we also agreed that the way we respond is also highly dependent on our nature. but i feel that even if i am a short-tempered guy I should NOT react in the same manner or tone. diffusing it tactfully would be a better and more mature way of dealing with such morons.


forgiveness is a very powerful destressing act. it leads to "let it go" state of mind. it gets you out of the never ending cycle of actions and reactions and a stressed mind.

it sets you "free" by grossly violating evil Netwton's third law! ;)