Thursday, June 29, 2006


I feel all the ants are not community creatures. Why? Because I always see these two ants roaming in my toilet. They are so independent and individuals unlike other ants! They just roam around sipping on "sugar" and dont carry it home! :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Did you know that?

Disclosing you salary details to anybody is "unethical".
Then why does HR (from well reputed companies too) ask for your last months salary slip's copy when you are planning to join their company?
I took panga and asked this question to one of these pious company's HR director. His response:
1. Although we always pay you based on our company standards we want to understand the market trends!

2. We want to make sure that you are a genuine employee!

3. Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man (read "I want to confuse you").

ha ha ha ha

Ethics and software industry

I work in software industry. Since the day one I was brainwashed with the term "ethics". You know why? Read on:

1. A candidate is looking for a change. Even after his final interview round and a great "We like you" statement the company is "working" on the final offer letter. A week and then 10 days go past, they are still working on it.
Excuses: "VP's permission is required. The HR team is out on a team building exercise. blah blah". Real reason: They are just buying time to find "better" candidates.

During this period the candidate can't choose a company from one of the offers: eternally optimist. Moreover, the companies always give this impression that offer selection is "unethical".

Now the candidate looses patience and asks for a final date. The company counters: "Do you have other offers in hand?". Now if you say Yes then they will declare you "unethical" and if you say No they will smile and make you wait for some more golden period.

Now if somehow you have a stronger arm and you want them to wait then you get feedbacks like "not upfront". You are supposed to get back to them in 4 hours! ha ha ha.

why people don't quit

  • People don't quit because Newton's first law is applicable on humans too! ;)

How does this law work:
  • trying to achieve a "settled" life style.
  • too much of team work; when u r trying to explore new paths it is the individual who takes the first step, people follow and then the team follows. Team work is for lower worker class: Leaders are always individuals.
  • ego boosting/appeasing environment.
  • having achieved the "getting things done" attitude -> superficial knowledge -> lack of confidence follows.
  • Getting induced and totally absorbed with new thought process -> ur mass appeal is lost.

Exploring nature

Feynman says: "Nature is like a huge infinite board of chess. Science and human mind tries to analyse one small part of this board and tries to extrapolate to the big picture".

What does it mean? It means we are trying to "determine" the solution of a big probabilistic problem. Will it ever work?

The problem space here has fuzzy boundary and mathematics is gradually spanning with distinct boundaries trying to cover the whole space. One section of mathematics breaks and another evolves ever creating new aspects. Is it time to develop new mathematics which "evolves" with the extrapolation of the small section of the chess game?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

time pass

Self indulgence is an ultimate time pass and highly addictive. Visit or :))


It is very interesting to watch the mind playing all sorts of tricks on you and this time you love to become a victim...