Monday, July 30, 2007

Human relationships and my inner relationship with myself

The twain shall meet? I doubt they shall ever meet.

Each human is essentially a very creative world at its core. They create and they relish and drool over it. Creativity leads to self identity and that leads to all about me, me and me!

When two creative worlds try to meet they try to destroy each other, you see creativity leads to all about me and me. I have watched so many "harmonious" people very closely and soon they end up disturbing the harmony that they create with other "harmonious" people. Basically they can never live in harmony with other parallel worlds.

The only true harmony that people can live in is the harmony within. With little hard work I start living with myself. I build up that harmony with myself and take care that I don't relate it with anything outside. Anything outside me is temporary and that within me is permanent. I stop bothering about things within when I cease to exist. But, outer things bother me when they cease to exist. The conflicts are outside, peace is within me and I am a friend of myself.

aham brahmasmi!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


"tu kehta kaagaj ki lekhi, main kehta aankhon ki dekhi"

Documents give you an organisation, and this moment's experience and its truth give you chaos...

Dharm (2007)

Today I watched a movie, Dharm. Pankaj Kapoor delivers yet another.

The concept is great. Irony, an important part of every drama is set in a perfect way: a staunch brahmin brings up a baby which turns out to have taken birth from a muslim woman's womb!

There are few questions which are fuming in my mind: is religion a politician's creation or is it a personal romantic fever which gets shaped well with like minded romantics?

One thing is sure, there are two types of religions: one which is organisational at its heart and another which is a very personal quest. Somehow both end up spreading to the masses and the great show of freaks erupt!

I feel like both crying and laughing (for these religions of the world) ...