Monday, January 15, 2007

subject or object?

What renders the fact better? Object or Subject?

Take any object and you will have a variety of explanations of it based on the viewer's (subject) perspective. The simplest illustration would be "the elephant and the blind men" story.

In OOPS, the designer focusses on the Object and represents the same entity as a set of Interfaces. A complex Object can be represented as a set of simpler Interfaces. But the important point here is that Interfaces are attached to the Object. The Subject sees a complex Object through these simple Interfaces.

Is it the correct way to see the facts represented by the Object?

Now what if the Subject chooses the way it wants to see the Object as? In reality this is how we see the world. The Subject (we) sees an Object the way it wants. How easy is it to design the problem in this new Perspective? (Is AOP already a step towards this approach?)

But there is an inherent weakness in this new approach ( I have named it Perspective Oriented paradigm). We, the humans, can't think in multi-dimensions. OOPS was invented to suit this humans' limitation because OOPS is nothing but a "divide and solve" technique. In that case, can we develop the new Perspective Oriented approach so that machine could design solutions instead of we humans?

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