Tuesday, March 06, 2007

mirrors all over

I stand in the world of mirrors,
mirrors all over, all the time.

I laugh with the mirrors, I cry with the mirrors.
I get angry with the mirrors, I be kind to the mirrors.
I fool the mirrors, I laugh at myself in the mirrors.
I kill the mirrors, I save the mirrors.
I love the mirrors, I hate the mirrors.
I take birth in the mirrors, I die in the mirrors.
I was in the mirrors, I am in the mirrors and I will remain in the mirrors.

It is all about the mirrors, or is it all about myself?


disha said...

ya u talk about urself and not the mirror. just admire the mirror and u'll be admired. just love ur mirror and u'll be loved.

disha said...

hi, yes u talk about urself, and not the mirror, just admire ur mirror for ur achievements if no one else, and love ur mirror for the love u want. get angry from it if u think u did something wrong. u'll feel good , u'll feel light. u just judge urself in mirror. see you