Saturday, August 18, 2007

time, are u there?

what if there was no past or future? what if i was never introduced to clocks? what if my language didn't support past or future tenses? can i survive without time?

the perception of time is quite paradoxical:
the sense of time develops due to the observation of periodic events: the circular/rotational behavior of all these planets and satellites (they induce the perception of seasons, days, nights).
now let me get away from this earth and this solar system and this periodicity. let me just travel down the universe, from this part to the other extreme part. there is no periodic behavior involved in this linear travel in space. now what? does time cease to exist?

interesting! they say it all started with the big bang, the universe keeps expanding, it expands in space. does it expand in time too? if it was a big bang then it is all linear, so there is no time!
but hold it! if it is all linear then there can't be an event called big bang, because events happen because there is this time. :)

let me jump deeper now:
is it space or is it time? are they different? :)
i perceive space because i appreciate time! And I perceive time because i appreciate space! wow!

let me strain my mind little more:
imagine i am there in a dark room, a pitch dark room or may be in a bright room, a room lit with the same intensity of light forever. there is no sound or it is always noisy forever. there is no smell or it is always smelling like rose. there is this same temperature throughout. of course, this room doesn't have walls, it is endless. i take birth in this room, i open my eyes in this room of infinite, even characteristics. now in this scenario, can i perceive space or time? NO! they together exist or they don't! :)

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