Monday, October 08, 2007

let it go

Let it go,
close your eyes and let it go.
Like the boats of paper that you made in your childhood,
and let it go.

The stream would take you to all the corners of the banks,
the brown and wet earthly soil,
and the rich lush and lively green grasses by the banks.

Let it go.

The colors of stream would change,
blue, green and dirty yellow.
Let some drops in but sail along.

Let it go.

Some birds would dart at you,
some would try to rest on you, poor tired and desperate ones.
Let them live on you.

Let it go.

When you reach the shallow sea,
you won't have enough depth to float.
Just sink in the sands and drown
and let it go.

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Kristina said...

Good words.