Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The way my brain thinks

There is a way my brain thinks. I could sense/observe these:
  • It always thinks in small tiny units. It holds the thinking within that unit and then something happens and it jumps to the other unit. Not sure whether this unit has a sense of time or not.
  • Each unit has its own context. It obeys the rules of that context. The context is based on the previous experiences and biases. These contexts are not like those "free thinking" phrases coined by some. These contexts are very narrow. It is as if you are running blindfolded in a narrow tunnel. You will be guided and steered by the walls of the tunnel. It is not like a wild horse running in a vast green, beautiful field spread between infinite horizons. I can reflect right away that my expression and imagination of this wild horse itself is bound within the boundaries of a previous experience. My brain never violates the rules of a context.
  • But it really jumps from one context to another. These contexts are chained to each other. They are again bound to each other due to previous experiences. They are not chained to each other just randomly. One of the most interesting association links is the concept of Analogy. A context could chain to other due to some common factor called analogy.
  • Because we are bound within contexts most of the time we communicate effortlessly. Imagine one fine morning I greet somebody and I receive a hurl of abuses in return! Out of context?
  • Even the poets express themselves within contexts. If there is a mismatch in contexts I won't appreciate the work of art.
  I am such a narrow minded person! Depressed, sigh.

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