Friday, August 10, 2012

Indian Democracy digest for dummies

I am not doing any PhD in Social Sciences or Political Sciences. It takes few minutes to observe and understand how democracy, especially parliamentary democracy works in India.

It is simple. Indulge in reproduction, reproduce more. Promote reproduction in your community. As a community, race, caste, religion - reproduce more. The one who reproduces more will eventually rule ones who are delivering less. Of course never build communities on the ideologies, they are infinite. Take a simpler path: build groups on caste, religion, languages. It is that simple.

Why? Democracy is all about majority and votes. A leader is elected if he gets more votes. Plain arithmetics. Of course it doesn't matter how you get those votes.

The leader has to be from your caste or religion? If it happens then you are insured better otherwise you are supposed to elect one who is the greediest of all. Why? The elected one will make laws to suit you and your needs. Who is you? You are the community which reproduces the most. Why greediest? Who makes laws for free, you fool! Thus you will decide what is written in the holy book called Constitution. Remember constitution is written and updated for the people* and by the people*.
PS: people* = the highest reproducers.

But what about the other pillars of democracy: Judiciary, Executives and Media?

It is not that complicated: if Judiciary starts preaching and raising its hood then you take steps quickly so that the democracy continues to run smoothly and effectively. You see, you are bound to follow the holy book. So let us change it at the root. Smart, isn't it? All the leaders want to keep you, the performing reproducers happy. Chill!

But what if the rest opposes? Let the rest oppose. Where will they oppose? Ramlila Maidan can't be hired for the demonstrations for ever. How long will they oppose? After all they have got to run their businesses too. And please recall, they can oppose, shout slogans but they can't make laws! So, chill!

But how to deal with these Executives and Media? Hmm looks like you didn't really evolve optimally through this article. Solution: If the leaders don't work for free then so don't these other so called pillars of democracy.

Well there are more tentacles in this system than illustrated above, but the fundamentals never change:

Reproduce more


Respect the economics of commissions, cuts and rewards.

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