Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i can see your clothes thrown on the floor with mine,
you must be somewhere close, very close.

i can see your bangles lying around,
your bare hands must be rubbing against mine.

i can smell your sweet breath riding the waves of your heart,
your face must be hovering over mine.

i can taste the moist and fading strawberry flavor on my lips,
you must have touched mine.

i can see your lost earring stuck in the troughs of morning bed sheet,
although you are pretending to be worried, that satisfied smile must be settling on your tired lips.

i feel totally lost and dazed,
you must have looked into my eyes for long.

i can see that red haze in the room,
you must have been here few moments ago.

my life is glowing,
you are rising somewhere in my soul...

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