Thursday, February 22, 2007

the infinite radio

There is so much information in the air. What I need is a radio.

Mind is like a radio which can be tuned to listen to that infinite span of information selectively. The infinite range of information was always there and will remain there for ever. What I need is just a tuned mind.

Sincerity(discipline and honesty) is the only thing which I need to tune the mind "at my will". I should be able to tune it to anything I "wish" for.

The problem with this radio is that it's Capacitor(experience), Inductor(intertial unawareness) and Resistor(sensory organs) are always fluctuating.

But there is no hurry and impatience, I am "bound" to control this tuning sooner or later, says Vedanta!

Smiles, calmness and blissful smiles! :)

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