Monday, February 12, 2007

my millions of children

i m standing at one end of a huge never-ending hall.
this huge hall is full of my children, my creations.
they are children so they all are trying to drag the attention.
they all are trying to drag my attention because i am their creator.

i am creating millions of them everyday because thats my nature.
i am creating millions of faces of my ego everyday and paying attention to them because thats my nature.

i have to cross this huge hall and reach the other end.
how should i achieve that?

by first not paying attention to the acts of my millions of children.
when i don't pay attention to them, with time i loose my nature.
eventually, i even stop generating my children.

actually if i loose my nature then i can sail through the hall effortlessly.

am i right?

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Anonymous said...

So, you are saying that it is possible to control the mind so that it doesn't think of any thoughts? Or, are you saying that somehow it is possible to ignore all the thoughts even if they are being created involuntarily? And, once we learn to ignore the thoughts, eventually the thoughts will vanish and we will have peace? BTW, this is Srikanth Sreedhar.