Friday, May 11, 2007

The old lady's fall

The other day during my walk around Central Park, New York city, I saw an old lady tripping and falling down. People hurried to her but none stretched their arms for her. Instead she was left by herself to rise. Of course they supported her to get up by pushing a perambulator close to her. But nobody touched her directly. Very amusing...

She rose and grinned at the world. People smiled and they moved on as if they were the ever ticking arms of a clock. I reached the old lady and looked at her wrinkled face: she had a very well made up face but all hollow and lonely eyes. I asked if she needed some assistance to reach her destination and she politely turned down my offer. How could she ask for help, after all she rose all by herself! I asked her if she was fine and she responded with a "I hope so"!

She wanted a help but she was not supposed to ask for one! God save this culture!

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