Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So you have started hating Khan Academy

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So people have started calling Salman Khan a bad teacher. In contrast it is his this gifted ability to explain things which made him popular. Without any doubt he is a very good teacher. If he was not we wouldn't have been discussing him.

But he has also publicly criticized the teachers who teach for the sake of working. You know people get in that comfort zone, regular salary streaming in. Who cares about teaching after that! The initial enthusiasm drowns and laziness and muscle memory sets in. Khan has hit them on the right spot. They have woken up. But instead of correcting themselves they are lobbying around the media houses and howling.

And there is another group of people who want to sell themselves riding the hype around all this. They are great trained teachers who have worked for years to create those error-free contents. They appear in front of their students with that additional halo around them and start their lectures. But students don't connect with soul-less and robotic teachers! It is true and all of us have experienced it sitting through those factories called schools. Confess it!

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