Thursday, July 19, 2012


Zero is a wonderful concept we humans created to simplify our understanding of everything, it helps to build a world starting from anywhere(or nowhere ;)). Place that zero on your dining table and start imagining that bowl whose center of base coincides with the zero. That 3 dimensional world starts appearing spontaneously around that zero. In contrast imagine searching for that absolute zero in this never ending world before starting to build that bowl around it! Due to zero it has become so damn flexible to express ideas portably and modularly! Zero is everywhere and without it we wouldn't have come this far in expressing our ideas. So long with this relativistic and referential understanding of zero.

Does zero exist only in referential domain? Is there an absolute zero somewhere where it all started in absolute form? If it really exists then everything is connected and related to each other with respect to that absolute zero! Time to return to the surface and breath normally. :)

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