Friday, January 11, 2013

Hail the rationals! Die emotions!

"Rational" humans always tend to demean emotions. They take pride in their "superior" ability to seal emotions away when they are reasoning. And I always hear it everywhere that we should not decide in "emotional" state of mind.

So I started observing myself, my "rational" and "emotional" myself. The "observation" is still going on. But I have already discovered something very disturbing on my way:

Each and every thought and action of mine is rooted/directed from an emotion. The so called "rational" actions and thoughts all point back to some emotion! When I am angry and hurl abuses at others I am emotional in the classical way. But while I am reasoning out my steps after getting angry at somebody (like a classical "rational" person),  I discover that I am being driven by the "desire of peace and desire of saving myself from harm".

I always find myself giving "reasons" to my deep seated emotions. Damn the hypocrite human mind! ;)

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