Monday, January 21, 2013

Journey from individual to mob

There is a pattern.

All so called "great" humans in history started their journey to "greatness" with personal and individual ideas. Those ideas were not products of groups. They were personal observations/realisations.

Then comes the urge to "spread" the ideas! This strong conviction that they are correct is so overwhelming!

Then begin the rituals of marketing. Organizations are launched, monuments are built, words of mouth are sponsored. Starry eyes join the march for personal gains or for the gain of "humanity".

Soon the organizations turn into mobs. The bright ideas which launched the all this melee take back seats.

Why do organizations become more powerful than individuals? Why haven't the bright race of humans invented a structure where individuals are valued at least as importantly as the organizations? Why do these entities which are created by humans become more important than the creators?

The desire to control others? May be.. :)

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